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Sayzie Carr has painted all her life, but it was her long and storied career in textile and interior design that lead her to create textiles from her paintings. Working with the most prestigious and celebrated textile designers in New York City exposed her to the highest quality materials, the most innovative craftsmanship and her attitude that creativity and self-expression are tenets of a life well lived. She received accolades, publicity and ran her own studio and then a shop in Greenwich Village that supplied her designs to the top designers and decorators of New York.

Pattern and texture are strongholds in Sayzie’s paintings so they easily translate to lush, layered, singular works of textile art. Her subjects are steeped in nature; stylized trees, leaves and seeds, often in repeated patterns, are explored and re-explored throughout all of her mediums. 

Like so many New Yorkers, Sayzie migrated to the Hudson Valley—closer to her Maine roots-- and set up shop in Hudson where she has two painting studios; one for painting and one for textile art. She teaches fiber arts at Simon’s Rock,  Bard’s  Pre-college in Great Barrington. Her work can be seen this summer at the Re-Institute gallery in Millerton NY and here at D’Arcy Simpson Art Works.

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