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David McIntyre

A Renewal

D’Arcy/Simpson Artworks is thrilled to present, A Renewal, Photofusions by David McIntyre.


David McIntyre’s latest body of work amplifies the color and intricacies of nature through surreal landscapes that tempt the viewer to float, drift and dream within their borders. Created from his photographs of wildflowers, tangled vines, grasses, mosses and other wildlife found along the paths and acres of Columbia County and the Hudson Valley, the work glorifies everyday nature that has become invisible, ubiquitous and squandered. The message at the center of his work is a worldview that advocates protecting the natural world for its own sake. His images are reflections on the power and beauty of nature emphasizing the importance of protection as an act of service.


Each image contains hundreds of compressed photographs, each manipulated digitally, to create an abstract composition that contains traces of its origins but reveals something deeper and more mysterious. He has innovated a process of layered digital technology to push beyond the borders and language of photography, challenging its representational limits, and in turn, our perception. He calls the process ”Photofusion” and relates it to Astrophotography –a similar layering and digitally enhancing practice that allows us to access an inaccessible world. McIntyre employs his technology to do the same–making his photography a revelatory medium that more profoundly accesses the metaphysical beauty and mystery of Earth.


On view through May 1.

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