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Ken Landauer is an Activist Artist. His FN furniture line is a manifestation of his response to Occupy Wallstreet - a condemnation of greed, concentrated wealth, power and elitism.  As an artist and woodworker, his response was a social and ecological challenge: Make furniture with no waste, no toxins and affordable pricing, while fully committed to great design, quality materials and hand-crafted production.


Now, some of the coolest, most comfortable, elegant, and affordable furniture comes out of his Kingston NY workshop and is in high demand from NYC and regional museums, architects and designers. 


His no-waste designs use 99% of a sheet of 4x8 plywood. All of the designs are Baltic birch, prefinished with UV-cured acrylic, or colored translucent laminates, cut with a CNC machine and sanded, edged and joined by hand.


Ken recently won a 2018 Cleverest Award from Architectural Digest. He has furnished the entire Museum of Arts and Design in NYC. The Tang Museum in Saratoga Springs and the Dorsky Museum in New Paltz also have purchased his furniture. Ken graduated from the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program and received an MFA in Sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design. He lives in Kingston NY with his wife and daughter.

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