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In 2016 Julie Wolf set out on a year break from NYC to volunteer, teach and travel in India.  Her travels took her further

to Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Thailand.  It was in Thailand that she underwent unplanned spinal surgery.

Wille recovering in Hudson NY, she contemplated the miraculous procedure that transformed her fragility, weakness

and paint to strength and function.  As she healed and meditated on her still very vulnerable body, she began to explore

visual metaphors for a new series of work.

In 33 Bones, Julie applies the ancient process of weaving to her practice.  By deconstructing her painted works on paper

into small delicate strips, she recreates the "bones"of her once broken spine.  Her subsequent "weaving" transforms

those disparate pieces into newly whole sculptural works that explore color and pattern, form and function and ultimately,

strength and vulnerability.  Each piece is a variation on the human spine, which has 33 bones.

Julie received her BFA from Pratt Institute and lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.  

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