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Artist Reception Saturday July 27 4-6pm
Upcoming Exhibition

Habitual Soothing 

Emily Ritz
July 27  - September 1, 2024
Emily 24 Curl.jpg
emily 24 undulate.jpg

The physical matter of body and earth underpin the spiritual and transformative paintings in Emiy Ritz’s newest body of work, “Habitual Soothing.” They are meditative explorations of a verdant and surreal universe of her own creation. She explores themes of identity, grief and sacrifice, often blurring the lines between strength and vulnerability, pain and beauty. 

On the surface, her paintings are corpeal stories, but we are led inward to a metaphysical journey accessible through the human body–a markedly feminist narrative that uses the female figure as a portal to the spiritual. The figures in her paintings are  her body, submitting to a natural world without struggle. The botanicals, inspired by coral, moss, cactus and anemone, are imagined creations that are as sumptuous and sensual as her human forms. All subjects seem to be in a state of metamorposes, identity fluid–always in the process of “becoming.”

Emily, who suffers from severe symptoms of Lyme as well as autoimmune disorders, finds parallels between her chronic physical pain and the metaphorical pain of a deteriorating Earth.  It is a kinship built on shared vulnerabilty, brokenness and powerlessness. “In a way, this work is a profound apology. I am constantly grieving the loss of our natural world.  I am surrendering my body to the Earth, allowing it to swallow me whole.”

Coming from a lineage of prolific textile artists, Emily’s work spans hyper-detailed textural drawings, paintings, ceramics, and a range of media marked by intricate patterns, repetition and a vast visual language. Over time her abstract botanical explorations transformed into narrative paintings incorporating feminist themes and the profound connection between humanity and the environment. Emily lives and works in Los Angeles and is also an accomplished musician, songwriter and tattoo artist. This is her third solo show with D’Arcy/Simpson Gallery.

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