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Seeing Through the Gray   
Mary Breneman

April 9 Artist's Reception 5-8pm
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March 12
World Building 
Joseph Stabilito
Jospeh Clarendon.heic
Joseph Long Arm of the Law.heic
Joseph Penny Candy.heic

D’Arcy Simpson Art Works is thrilled to exhibit the lyrical abstract worldscapes by artist Joseph Stabilito.  Stabilito’s canvases are densely layered with poured acrylic paint, bold gestural lines and intricate ink drawings that dance together to create dreamy, poetic, sinuous compositions. In these paintings, large biomorphic forms coexist with cybergrids, architectural designs, skulls and other tiny hidden images. They are simultaneously macro and micro.


Stabilito begins by pouring tinted acrylic medium directly onto the canvas. The pools of paint are then tipped and swirled to create a scaffolding for the compositions. He then builds and layers the surface alternating hues, bold brush strokes and drawings. There are direct references to landscape, biology and pattern making, but the overall effect is an undulating universe in motion where all worldly things converge in a rush.  


“I paint what I see in life-my brain is a sponge that is always taking things in, and what  impresses me shows up in the work. I am very attuned to color, pattern and shape everywhere and in everything–it all gets funneled through my imagination and then  reemerges in my paintings.”  


Stabilito’s work has been widely shown and collected throughout the US and Europe since his first show in 1982.  His work has been in the pages of Architectural Digest, Art in America, NY Spaces, The New York Times and other major publications. And, his painting, Candy Kiss, appears in the Jennifer Lopez film, Hustlers. He is also an interior designer. He lives in Hillsdale NY.

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